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inlumi will always strive to be a company which contributes beyond client delivery obligations, and that includes taking care of our communities and natural environment. Our global team members are equally committed to making a positive impact on the world around them.

Environmental Responsibility PROJECTS

20 000+

trees planted since October 2017

20 000+

trees planted since October 2017

Rewilding with
Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise with the aim of restoring wild ecosystems, supporting wildlife and biodiversity, and helping to fight climate change.

inlumi’s team members are central to our rewilding and carbon-offsetting targets, which is why we plant four trees per person, per month. Our membership also funds rewilding projects, and team members are invited to vote on rewilding projects which they would like inlumi to support. Rewilding projects have included building an eagle nest platform in Scotland, protecting turtle nests in Slovakia, and providing a feeding space for vultures in Namibia.

“The team at inlumi are an important partner of ours and we share a lot of the same views about the planet and our responsibility to try and return as much of it as we can to its natural state and live in a more sustainable way. inlumi believe in being part of creating long-term change for good and want to embed this responsibility as part of everything they do. I know inlumi well and find that they promote a very inclusive culture and collaborative way of working that reflects their desire to grow responsibly and affect long-term positive change.”

Matt Davies, co-founder of Mossy Earth

Projects we’ve supported

Enabling impact: Tracking Lumi the Lesser Kestrel

Geo tagging lesser kestrels

This project involves tracking the migration patterns of a unique species which has been facing a dramatic population decline. In July 2022, the team has already tagged two juvenile birds.

Enabling impact: Building a vulture restaurant

Vulture restaurant

To encourage the return of these magnificent and ecologically important species in Namibia, our Mossy Earth has built a vulture restaurant where the vultures can find a safe and reliable source of food.

Enabling impact: Building nests for golden and white-tailed eagles

Eagle nest platform

Through this intervention, Mossy hopes to encourage eagles to breed in the mature woodland on the reserve to support the local population of golden eagles and support the return of white-tailed eagles to the area.

Enabling impact: protecting turtle nests in Slovakia

Protecting turtle nests

With access to one of the breeding areas for European pond turtles, Mossy Earth’s project partners survey the site with specially trained dogs and erect fences around active nests to protect them from predation.

Tagging Atlantic salmon

This project aims to track Atlantic Salmon through radio tags, focusing on the River Carron and its tributaries. The project will fund the tagging of 10 salmon and provides valuable data for the conservation of this iconic species.

Social Responsibility Projects

Empowering black youth

Tshwane Institute of Technology Bursary Sponsorships

At inlumi, we believe in empowering and upskilling our black youth to foster inclusive economic participation. Committed to giving back, we have selected 12 students for our inlumi Bursary in Marketing Management.

These students will undertake the NATED qualification in Marketing Management, accredited by the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET), at Tshwane Institute of Technology. For 2023, inlumi proudly sponsors 6 Black male students, including 1 disabled student as well as 6 Black female students, including 1 disabled student.

The delivery methodology embraces Blended Learning, combining online studying with face-to-face tuition. Students will attend one day of in-person training at Tshwane Institute of Technology’s Centurion Campus. Additionally, students will gain valuable workplace exposure by dedicating one day per week to working at the offices of Tshwane Institute of Technology.

School partnership

Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool – Bursary for Education

As Nelson Mandela wisely said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to  change the world.” That’s why we chose to partner with Afrikaanse Hoër School for boys, as their  ethos of service and respect, particularly towards women, resonates deeply with us. By sponsoring two young boys from disadvantaged backgrounds, inlumi is providing them with an invaluable opportunity to study at this exceptional school, igniting their potential to make a difference in the  world.

Making a difference in children’s lives

The Door of Hope Project

As the saying goes, “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” In South Africa, where over 5.2 million orphans exist—surpassing the populations of countries like Denmark and Norway—a significant number of babies and children face abandonment  or neglect. To address this critical issue, Door of Hope, initiated by a church, provides a safe space for mothers to leave their infants in a secure box within a wall, which notifies the staff that a child has been left, ensuring the anonymity of the mother and that the child is taken care of.  

Recognising Door of Hope’s constant need for supplies and support, inlumi donates 50% of its allocated CSI spend each year by means of donations of groceries and clothing for the abandoned babies until the children find reunification, adoption, or a safe home.

Empowering mothers

Baby Box Project

Recognising the significant role of women in South African society, as reflected in the saying  “Women are the backbone in South African society,” we chose to support the Baby Box Project. This initiative brings hope to new mothers, particularly those who are the most disadvantaged, by providing them with a box filled with essential items to care for their babies. Many of these women reside in squatter camps without a partner or support network.

inlumi spends 50% of its allocated CSI each year by means of donations of gift boxes filled with necessities for underprivileged mothers and babies.  


inlumi hires the best and brightest in the industry, while offering an environment which is open-minded, communicative and fun.

With offices around the world and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, a career with inlumi offers rich experiences and opportunities.

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