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ESG Reporting is redefining the lens that our society applies when evaluating businesses. It represents a seismic shift in how organisations report and the information needed to meet the regulatory standard. Luckily today’s technologies are well equipped to support business leaders through this change.

Attracting, retaining and increasing investment is a major focus for Finance. Investors are increasingly looking beyond the financial performance of a business and considering the broader environmental, societal and governance impact of organisations when making investment decisions. Therefore, ESG reporting is a critical focus area for companies in the near future. As the department with the most profound experience in collating, interpreting and communicating regulatory information within most organisations, Finance is best placed on owning this responsibility.

Finance leaders need a robust framework to integrate ESG standards into the company’s financial brand. But it can be daunting not knowing where to start.

Do you want to learn more about how today’s EPM technologies are equipped to meet this new regulatory requirement?

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