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You either need to start your ESG/CSRD project shortly or you are doing the double materiality assessment at the moment. You need to figure out what the scope will be of this project, define the process, KPI’s and collect the requirements for disclosure reporting, target setting and analysis. Recently, we hosted a webinar with Pieter van ‘t Hoff, Managing Director of Sustainability Consultant agency 2BHonest about how to get started with ESG/CSRD Disclosure Reporting, Analysis and Integrated Planning. In this webinar, he advocates that the CFO Office can play an important role, as finance has the connections in the organisation, structured data collection and reporting processes with auditable software applications to support this. 

As an outcome of the webinar we have created a questionnaire with 35 questions to help you to scope your ESG/CSRD Disclosure Reporting project. For each scoping item requirements are defined with their weighting to be set to evaluate software applications on how they can meet your requirements. This questionnaire can be used when you are planning to select a new software application or want to evaluate if your current software is able to support sustainability reporting or even to create an integrated report when this is your ambition. 

Getting started on your ESG journey with inlumi.  

At inlumi, we offer comprehensive support for your ESG disclosure reporting, analysis, and planning strategy. Our range of services includes:  

  • Readiness assessment for ESG reporting (including organisational design, data quality and processes)   
  • Change impact assessment   
  • Reporting and steering model strategies   
  • Technology evaluation and selection   
  • End-to-end solution implementation and change management   
  • Business as usual (BAU) governance strategy and solution application management  

You can request your copy of the ESG/CSRD scoping and requirements questionnaire here.

Get the questionnaire

Marco van der Kooij

Consulting Director at inlumi 

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