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Inlumi’s graduate programme offers graduates a chance to get accustomed to working in consulting within the finance and technology field.  

With the opportunity to be part of exciting projects, the 2-year programme focuses on personal and professional development with a steep learning curve. The graduates can make an impact from day one, in addition to getting familiar with inlumi’s unique culture and values.

Read on for an insightful interview with Associate Hannah Selsick, as she shares her first-hand experience in the Graduate Programme. Kelsey Wright, Principal Consultant at inlumi, had the opportunity to sit down with her and delve into her journey.

What was it like joining inlumi?

Onboarding at inlumi was such an exciting experience! HR went out of their way to make my first day a memorable experience. We were introduced to everyone and given a background on all the different roles and activities that inlumi offers. It didn’t just feel like we were getting to know inlumi but that inlumi was getting to know us. Everyone was determined to make us feel included and comfortable right away. To say the very least, it worked! I felt inspired and optimistic after my first day and eager to come back. By the second day, we were up and running. Our systems were set up and we had access to the necessary training portals. 

It was clear straight away that everyone was willing to help us with whatever we needed. I felt reassured that I made the right decision and that I was now in an environment that was exciting, interesting, fun, and would help mould me into the best version of myself both personally and professionally. 

What have you been up to since the onboarding process? 

Quite soon after we joined, we were placed onto projects – in my case, a big OneStream implementation. I didn’t know it was possible to learn so much in such a short space of time. Looking back, I can’t believe all the new things that are occupying space in my brain. From learning incredibly useful Microsoft skills and getting acquainted with OneStream, to learning basic skills that I wasn’t sure I needed and now couldn’t function without. The project team has been so generous in taking the time to pass their valuable knowledge and skills onto us.  

I have also been paired with a career coach who is instrumental in helping me decide on my points of focus, learning, and development. It has been such a great feeling having someone walk you through your journey, giving you advice and helping set goals for yourself. The support has been ever-present.

So, has it been all work, work, work? 

It has definitely not just been all work. We have so much fun as a team. Earlier this year we all took part in the Warrior Race where we crawled through mud, climbed through obstacles, and jumped in various pools of water. We also had our Wellness Day where we cycled for our smoothies, had health checks, and ironically ate delicious biscuits. I have also been lucky enough to attend a few team dinners. We don’t just have these special occasions, we also have our monthly meet ups and sneak in a few good chats, laughs and coffee breaks around the office. 

I think the people truly make the place and inlumi is filled with kind individuals who know how to get the job done but have fun along the way. I never dread a day of work and thoroughly enjoy coming into the office and seeing everyone. 

Has it been nice to join the inlumi team? 

In short, yes! In long, it has been an incredible experience joining a team of such amazing individuals. It has been a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest in the business! It is clear that inlumi has a carefully curated team, one that is truly special to be a part of. The culture of learning and sharing has been adopted by every person that works here. We are all passionate to constantly learn new things and share those things with each other. The other incredible aspect of being part of inlumi’s team is how mainstream it has become to work with people that are sitting on the other side of the world. It has been an exciting experience getting to know not just my South African colleagues, but those in London, the Netherlands, and Sweden. 

What would you say to the next intake when they join? 

The best advice I could give to a new intake would be to adopt a learning mindset. When you start, you want to know how to do everything and you feel as though you may never know how, but to think back to my first day compared to how much I know a mere six months later is phenomenal. It’s been a transformative experience learning to enjoy the journey and not being fixated on the end. It’s important to soak up as much knowledge as you can and realise that you won’t know how to do everything right away, but that’s okay because the people around you are more than willing to showing you how. 

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