Making Change Stick in Finance Transformations

Do you find it hard to get people excited about change?​ Having trouble stopping Finance folk from going back to their old Excel ways?​ Ever wonder what three things make the most difference in making change stick in a Finance transformation?

If you lead finance transformations or have ever asked yourselves these questions, watch inlumi’s Making Change Stick in Finance Transformations webinar.

At inlumi, we’re passionate about enabling change in Finance, having delivered over 300 Finance transformation programmes. At this webinar, we shared the secrets of what’s worked best in those programmes. inlumi’s Consulting Director, Charlotte Houston, and our Head of Education Services, Jan Mitchell, were joined by a brilliant panel of industry transformation experts who shared their experiences of delivering successful change in Finance, including how to tackle some of the trickiest aspects of change.​

Don’t miss out on this unique webinar! 

We discuss:

Getting and keeping people engaged in what can be lengthy and technical change journeys​

Tips and tricks to change mindsets and embed a growth mindset culture​

The importance of business leadership in change and how to get them on board​


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