Optimising OneStream for Pillar 2 and Tax

This Webinar explores how OneStream delivers for tax.

Richard Stringer from inlumi and Scott Mills from BDO guide us through how OneStream can be natively configured to deliver for Transfer Pricing, ESG Taxes, with a particular focus on Tax Provision and Reporting, Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) and the complex global requirements of Pillar 2 (the new Global Minimum Tax).

A good watch if you want to dive deeper into how your current or future EPM platform can support your Tax Reporting needs.

We discuss:

Pillar 2 – the new Global Minimum Tax

Where to start and how you can solve the requirement in OneStream

Why an EPM Platform is optimally positioned to meet the data challenge of Pillar 2

Pillar Two solution

inlumi and BDO’s Pillar Two solution developed natively in OneStream helps MNEs automate their Pillar Two requirements. Our solution brings best-practice methodology to ensure that groups can meet their reporting requirements, as well as providing functionality allowing for modelling and analysis to better understand the impact of Pillar Two across all entities and jurisdictions in the group.

To meet the data challenge posed by Pillar Two, we see real value in utilising the power of an Intelligent Finance Platform. Our Pillar Two solution has been built into OneStream, harnessing the power of data to complement and integrate bi-directionally with the rest of our suite of tax reporting solutions, assisting companies with their ever-growing reporting requirements. Have a read through our Pillar Two flyer to learn more.


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