Tax Pillar 2 – New Obligations

As Global Minimum Tax regulations get more widely recognized, the window for implementing a solution is rapidly closing. The new cutting-edge Enterprise Tax Reporting solution, built by inlumi and supported by BDO, is approved and available in the OneStream PartnerPlace, and we want to let you know how to use it for Global Minimum Tax purposes.

In this webinar, you will learn how our application powered by OneStream can be natively configured to address BEPS Pillar 2 for the new Global Minimum Tax regulation with Country-by-Country Reporting and Tax Provision & Reporting.

In this webinar, you will acquire valuable insights and knowledge on:

  • The new global requirements of Pillar 2 demand
  • Addressing the primary challenge of data about Pillar 2 and how OneStream solves that
  • Practical deep dive into our solution

BDO, OneStream and inlumi are dedicated to helping you grasp the regulation’s impact and demonstrating how an Enterprise Performance Management platform can effectively address regulatory compliance challenges.

We discuss:

Pillar 2 – the new Global Minimum Tax

Our new Pillar 2 solution in OneStream

Where to start your reporting and how our OneStream solution can solve your challenges


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