The Office of Finance: The view from the top of the board

Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, CEO and Chairman, provides his views on how the Office of Finance delivers maximum organisational value in this 10-minute webinar.

Join OneStream and inlumi in this informal discussion with Lars-Johan Jarnheimer about the organisational imperative of delivering the right information at the right time for a CEO and his Board to effectively steer the organisation.

Lars-Johan, former CEO of Tele2 AB and current Chair of the board at IKEA (Ingka Holding B.V) and Arvid Nordquist Handelsaktiebolag shares his experiences and thoughts.

We discuss:

The necessity of taking a long-term view in a short term, results driven world

Why the numbers you need are always the hardest to find

Interactions with the Office of Finance today vs the past; regulatory necessity or strategic partner to the CEO?


Gearing up for an exciting project? Or looking for Finance Transformation advice, let’s talk.


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