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With funding from inlumi, our sustainability partner Mossy Earth has completed the construction of two eagle nest platforms in the Scottish Highlands to encourage rare white-tailed and golden eagles to breed on the reserve.

Mossy Earth constructed the nests in mature Scots pine trees. Mature Scots pine trees are relatively rare in Scotland and the majority of eagle nests are located in cliffs. Through this intervention, Mossy hopes to encourage eagles to breed in the mature woodland on the reserve to support the local population of golden eagles and support the return of white-tailed eagles to the area.

The nests were primarily built with materials scavenged from the nearby woodland. The foundation of the nests were built using large, dead branches held together by moss, soil and vegetation. They were built in trees that had a natural “window” ensuring any birds that fly through the glens (or valleys) have a good chance of spotting the nest. This will also enable birds to fly safely in and out of the nest.

Watch Mossy Earth’s “on the ground update” in the video below:

Enabling impact

Mossy Earth is an enterprise whose main aim is, by restoring ecosystems, to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wilderness. Their primary focus is the planting of native trees in habitats which have been affected by wildfires or logging, in close collaboration with biologists and forest engineers.

Since 2017, inlumi has partnered with Mossy Earth to plant trees on behalf of our clients and employees. Each inlumi team member is a member of Mossy Earth. This means that for each employee, we plant four new trees per month; that’s over 6700 trees per year.

Ashley Chapman, head of Consulting at inlumi UK: “Mossy is one of those very rare, 100% positive contribution businesses. Who could ever argue or oppose the idea of planting trees, returning areas of the earth to its natural state and encouraging the wild to return!”

Mossy Earth

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