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In June, inlumi team members were allowed to vote on one of Mossy Earth’s rewilding projects in Slovakia. The winner was the turtle nest protection project. We look forward to seeing this season’s hatchlings as a result of Mossy Earth’s great conservation work!

With only two known viable populations, the European pond turtle is on the brink of disappearing from Slovakia’s landscapes. Conversion of suitable breeding sites to agricultural land, and destruction of nests and accidental killing of turtles by agricultural machinery threatens the survival of this little turtle.

With access to one of the breeding areas, Mossy Earth’s project partners would survey the site with specially trained dogs and erect fences around active nests to protect them from predation. In doing so, the project would help to maximise the breeding success of one of the last remaining populations of European pond turtles in Slovakia.

Each inlumi team member is a member of Mossy Earth. Every two months, we are given the chance to vote for a rewilding project we want to see Mossy Earth carry out at one of their project sites. Mossy Earth selects three options for high-impact conservation projects that support the rewilding vision for the area.

Over the last few months, Mossy’s rewilding interventions had been put on hold due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. inlumi is excited to see that Mossy Earth will be kicking things off again this month at their new project area in Slovakia.

The Danube floodplain forests in Slovakia are one of the most endangered forest habitats in the world. Today, only 5-20% of the Danube floodplains are forested. Slovakia is also home to rich wetland and grassland habitats that support a diversity of important species. Many of these species and habitats are under threat from habitat loss and degradation. Mossy Earth’s goal is to restore these vital habitats and protect the species that depend on them, and inlumi is proud to support them in this mission.

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