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Finance departments too often lack the tools they need to make a real, enterprise-wide impact, but that is starting to change thanks to technology such as advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

New cloud-based platforms enable finance departments to make better sense of data often siloed across their organisations and gain deeper insights into how the company is performing. They also enable them to be more agile, take advantage of trends quickly and release time for higher value-adding activities. Ashley Chapman, head of consulting at inlumi, discusses the possibilities.

Click here to access The Future CEO report by Raconteur in the Times. On page 7, you can read the Q&A with Ashley about how next generation technology has resulted in a seismic shift for the CFO. This report also explores the top challenges ahead for the CEO, diversifying succession plans, value-based leadership with our esteemed client Tony’s Chocolonely, and more.

Raconteur in The Times

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