Change Management

In each of our client engagements, we enable change in some shape or form to hundreds of stakeholders within an organisation. The human side is just as important as the technical aspect of implementations. This is where change management comes into play.

Change management eases the change journey for all impacted stakeholders so that the whole organisation benefits from the project.  


Creating clarity and purpose by defining the shared objectives and goals – the vision – and the targeted business case.


Role modelling and visibility sponsoring the change drives the need to change. 


Helping stakeholders see what the change means for them, using a wide variety of channels and methods so they feel informed, supported, listened to and included. 


Equipping users with the necessary skills and knowledge in order to feel confident using the new system.


Creating a communication plan that fits your organisation’s culture and tailoring communication to the audience.

Managing the people side of change

Fear of the unknown: By communicating with impacted stakeholders throughout the engagement and using multiple channels, they are kept informed of what’s happening and when it’s happening. This removes the element of surprise and helps stakeholders feel in control and better equipped to overcome the challenges that change brings. 

Lack of stakeholder engagement: We endeavour to engage with stakeholders from the onset of the project and keep them involved throughout using various strategies, such as change networks and gamification.

Stakeholders don’t feel heard, or general user dissatisfaction: By setting up two-way communication channels and including multiple feedback opportunities, we’re better able to identify and proactively deal with any dissatisfaction and concerns. 

Demotivation as the project goes on: Change doesn’t happen overnight, and can be demoralising when months pass but it feels like nothing has been achieved. We believe in creating short terms wins throughout the project to keep stakeholders motivated and committed to the change. 

Lack of adoption: The first step to solving this is being able to identify it. Using the communication and feedback channels already mentioned, we’re able to assess when adoption is low, and identify and deal with the root causes of the issues at hand. 

Change management activities:

Change and communication plans 

Change Impact Assessments 

Business case development including benefits assessment and monitoring 

Establishing and training a change network 

Business readiness assessment and tracking 

Execution of stakeholder communications including channel creation and maintenance 

Engaging video and live event sessions to drive adoption of change 

Case studies

  • Autoliv

    On a mission to deliver forecasting and reporting through the entire value chain, Autoliv selected OneStream for their actuals and planning processes, with inlumi as their implementation partner.

    Read more: Autoliv

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