Finance vision & strategy

Our Finance Vision & Strategy service empowers clients to envision the future of Finance within their organisation, aligning it seamlessly with wider organisational objectives.

Whether it be constructing a clear roadmap for the Finance transformation journey or helping build a compelling business case for change, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals will be there to guide clients through their transformation journey; enhancing their Finance function’s efficiency and relevance within the evolving landscape of the Office of Finance.

Vision building

How does management envision the future state Finance function to look like? How does it fit in with the rest of the organisation? Does the vision align with the rest of the business goals?

Creating a Finance vision involves shaping a clear and strategic future for the Office of Finance. A successful vision aligns Finance with the overall organisational goals and objectives, positioning Finance as a key player in executing and realising the broader strategy.

Business case development 

We will carry out an assessment for a Finance function-related initiative against an appropriate framework. A business case will demonstrate benefits, costs, risks, dependencies, timings and stakeholder involvement. Business case development is part of the change process to ensure the economic and practical viability of the initiative. This is to ensure that there is sufficient challenge.

Simply put, a business case established the case for change. It involves assessing benefits, costs, risks, dependencies, timelines, and stakeholder involvement, supporting informed decision-making and securing support for proposed initiatives. 

Roadmap for Finance transformation 

We will build out the evolution of the Finance function, and map out key milestones and dependencies over the long-term – ensuring that each stage is appropriate in the context of the organisation.

Creating a roadmap for finance transformation sets out a clear path for change. It defines key milestones, timelines, and dependencies that align with the organisation’s goals, and guides the implementation of transformation initiatives; always ensuring they harmonise with existing initiatives as well as the overall strategic objectives. 

Roadmap for Finance transformation 

Creates a clear, detailed plan for transformation 

Supports alignment with the organisation’s strategic objectivs, reducing conflicting priorities 

Helps prioritise initiatives and allocate resources accordingly 

Establishes realistic timelines and clear milestones

Assigns accountability for tasks and milestones up front, reducing delays and promoting engagement and buy-in 

Potential risks can be identified and mitigated proactively 

Serves as a strategic guide that helps organisations navigate the complexities of change

Vision building

Aligns Finance with the overall organisational goals, reducing conflicting priorities 

Motivates stakeholders towards a compelling ‘future state’ and creates a clear direction 

Improves communication approach as teams are working towards a common vision, and helps facilitate smoother change management

Acts as a guiding light; providing a unified, purpose-driven direction for Finance that supports the wider organisational strategy 

Business case development 

Creates clear, transparent rationale for change with a view of costs, benefits, and risks, enhancing decision-making that helps inform decision-making 

Assigns accountability for success, should the change be accepted 

Helps guide resource allocation, and sets expectations on resources in advance to allow for better resource planning 

Establishes an initial view of the Return on Investment (ROI) of proposed change initiatives, demonstrating the value that will be created 

Provides a structured and data-driven approach to change. This promotes alignment, transparency, and accountability 

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