Finance target operating model

Enabling Finance to support your business strategy

Align the Finance function with the goals and objectives of the organisation, and ensure that the Finance function can support the rest of the organisation in achieving its objectives with inlumi’s Finance target operating model (TOM) service. 

A Finance TOM is a blueprint for the design and operation of the Finance function within an organisation. It outlines the desired state of the Finance function, including its structure, processes, systems, and people. A Finance TOM will enable you to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance function in support of the overall business strategy. 

Finance function effectiveness

Making Finance the driver of the organisation

Enable the Finance function to perform at their best and support organisational objectives and goals with inlumi’s Finance Function Effectiveness services. 

The role of Finance is evolving as technological advances influence how businesses need to run, increasing the importance of making sound decisions based on data-backed outcomes at a quicker speed. Finance is fast becoming a critical function that is forward-looking and insightful, rather than a traditionally backward-looking, control function. 

The dialogue between the business and Finance is of paramount importance in the way that Finance can empower the business, by providing invaluable tools and insights to achieve business goals and priorities whatever they might be. 

Let us help you create a Finance function that can effect change across the business: 

Finance Vision & Strategy

Align and derive Finance Vision & Strategy to wider organisational goals and the roadmap to the future state.

Finance Operating Model 

Design and build operating model covering process, technology and people.

Transforming Finance into strategic business partners

The general trends of Finance function transformation are clear: digitisation, automation and data-driven approaches are key. However, the journey of how Finance functions go about these new developments vary widely. 

There may be shared themes on challenges experienced and lessons learned, yet the change methodologies and set-ups for Finance functions differ across industries and even organisations.  

Each Finance function has been shaped by the history of the business, the organisational structure, stage of development, industry practice, culture, leadership and so on. As a result, it is often difficult to determine the most effective way to organise a Finance function that is suitable for the goals of the business.  

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