Process intelligence and automation

There is a process behind everything a company does. Nevertheless, hidden variables and inefficiencies are killing productivity and hinder opportunities to scale. 

inlumi’s Intelligent Process Management & Automation offering goes far beyond Robotic Process Automation. We provide a unique connected business process management, optimisation and automation approach to help you realise the full potential of innovative technologies and transform it into tangible results for your business. 

Work smarter, not harder

Connected process management and automation provide numerous benefits for your organisation, team members and customers. 

It helps to ensure that all your processes are effectively organised, executed and completely under your control, while having the highest level of automation combined with unprecedented standards of customer service. 

This will help your business to work smarter and not harder, scaling above and beyond your competition. 

Unlock the potential to scale your business

Everything starts with the core engine of your EPM solution, to allow you to set, control, monitor and effectively execute business processes.  

Process Intelligence tools subsequently allow you to analyse any operation or task and understand how your business runs. That helps not only to reveal ineffectiveness and provide a powerful instrument to eliminate pain points, but also to identify those processes that are ideal candidates for automation. Equipped with a crystal-clear understanding of your processes and operations, you can unlock the potential to scale, digitise and transform your business. 

Intelligent Automation tools provide the power of a cognitive digital workforce capable of learning and evolving, enabling your people to concentrate on the value-adding initiatives only they can do. 

Starting from Personal Automation, your business can onboard within weeks, or continue into corporate-grade automation, connecting process lines and automation pathways to the entire enterprise. 

Benefits of Process Intelligence & Automation:

Improvement and optimisation of business processes: Through the identification of bottlenecks, deviations and pain points

Reduction of dependency on staff and rotations: Documented processes, and standardisation

Freeing up resources for intelligent and creative tasks: Staff spends less time on thoughtless and routine tasks

Cost reduction: The growth of the business is no longer hindered by the required resources

Time reduction of processes and operations: The digital employee performs any operation several times faster than a human and works 24/7

Cutback of errors in operations: Automation reduces human error, and is extremely helpful in supporting workload balance in peak periods.

Enhancement of customer and supplier service: Automate customer service tasks, such as answering common questions or processing orders, allowing human agents to focus on more complex or high-priority inquiries.

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